Which Shirt suits on Blue Pants?

Which Shirt suits on Blue Pants

Wondering which shirt suits on blue pants? Don’t worry. We are here with the best combination for your blue pants that will aid you as a styling guide for your formal wear. Let’s get started. 

Formal wear is one of men’s most adorned fashion styles. For work and formal occasions, this style is designed to maintain a perfect balance of stylish fashion and professional attire. Many combinations are intrudingly beautiful that will help you cater to your mediocre regular formal wear into modern, classy formals. One must always have a few classic elements of formal wear in order to keep the fashion going. White shirts, black trousers, and blue pants are a must-have fashion element for styling formal wear.

Shirt Combinations to style your blue pants

1. White

One of the most classic combinations for your blue trousers is to pair it with a simple, elegant white shirt. This combination is a must-try when it comes to styling your formal wear, which inculcates professionalism and intricate styling ideology. 

2. Black

We all know that black shirts are a versatile element of men’s fashion that perfectly mixes with any match you find. Black shirts are the most classic and radiant elements of formal technique, making them perfect for blue pants. We all know that black and blue are a match made in heaven, and if styled the right way, they can be transformed from formal to party wear very effortlessly.

3. Off-White

If you are looking for a subtle look that will give you the utmost comfort and a pleasant vibe, then go ahead with off-white shirts. These shirts provide the best comfy look and, at the same time, have no compromise on the professionalism that is needed for perfect formal wear. 

4. Grey 

Grey shirts and dark blue pants are the best combinations, and at the same time, it is the most underrated pair and yet look the most elegant when styled well. Grey shirts give a sign of classy comfort, whereas dark blue pants are perfect for a sharp, professional look. This pair is for a win. 

5. Salmon pink

A lot of people consider salmon pink as a colour, not for men, but guess what? Salmon pink shirts are the most profoundly unique formal wear elements that cater to the most stylish, trendy and elegant men’s wear. Salmon pink shirts and blue pants are one of the best combinations you can get out there when we talk about eccentric formals. 

6. Brown

Brown shirts give out an earthy feeling to your formal wear. This combination gives a semi-formal look and caters to bold formal attire that will bring out the best in your formal wear. The variety of brown shirts and blue pants also serves as one of the best casual wear pairs that will bring out the best of your formal wear. 

7. Khaki

Just like earthy brown tones, khaki gives a perfect outlook for semi-formal attire when discussing men’s wear. Khaki shirts are also used for the eccentric perspective of their combination with blue pants that make it surreal and ten times better than usual, making it a perfect combination that is most vitally underrated.  

8. Different shades of blue

Pairing blue with blue is another art piece that will bring out the best in you with the most authentic combinations that work wonders. A light blue shirt and dark blue pants also considerably signify an introductory style statement making your attire a presentably fashionable overview. 

9. Burgundy

Burgundy shirts and blue pants, one of the most tricky combinations for fashionable men’s wear, are the best of outlook catering to some professional severe fashion tactics. 


This brings us to the end of today’s discussion on different combinations to try on with blue pants. Now that we have given you excellent ideas to style up your formal wear, get set ready with your formal attire with Portfolio. Portfolio World comes with a range of premium formal wear to transform your mediocre style into Outstanding fashion.