Which Pant suits on White Shirt?

which pant suits on white shirt

Wondering which pant suits on white shirt? No worries, We have got you the best combination of pants that goes very well with a white shirt.

Fashion and styling are a part of expressing yourself most comfortably. One of the classic must-have formal wear is a perfectly fitted white shirt. We all must agree to the fact that nobody can go wrong with a neatly styled white shirt. This design element is a versatile cloth that merges with everything you want to style it with.

White shirts add a hint of elegance as well as class to your look, giving it effortlessly beautiful, intact stylish formal wear. So let us look into the different combinations that will suit well with the white shirt.  

Combination pants for white shirt

White shirts go well with anything and everything. Still, when it comes to the segregation of it into formal and casual wear, there are a few combinations that make it semi-casual and a few that radiate a formal professional look. Therefore let us discuss the different varieties of the white colour shirt and matching pants. 

1. Black pant

An all-time favourite combination that perfectly stimulates the professional look for formal attire is definitely the combination of black and white. Whether it is black pants and white shirts or black shirts and white pants, it works wonders both ways. The only difference is that the first combination is formal, and the second is semi-formal/casual. Either way, white shirts and black pants are a perfect combination for formal attire. 

2. Dark blue pant

Some people have a perception that black is a phantom of a bad omen. As much as this is just a myth, a lot of people focus on its subsequent best replication, which is dark blue. A dark blue and white shirt gives a radiating positivity and an authentic, stylish look that caters to your critical business meetings where confidence stands as a working pioneer. Dark blue pant is one of the best white colour shirt-matching pant combinations. 

3. Olive green pant

Olive green pants with a white shirt are a perfect date outfit for a semi-formal or casual look. When you are looking for a dress-to-impress kind of outfit, then think no more. Just style your formal white shirt with olive green pants, and that’s it. You are good to go and impress with your best stylish wear. 

4. Burgundy pant

Burgundy pants, yes, you heard that fitting burgundy pants exist and mark as a good style statement for fashionable wear. Burgundy pants and a white shirt are great for a party wear outfit. This combination brings out the best party outfit and makes you look classy and comfortable at the same time. So now you have a party outfit ready for your next outing. 

5. Grey pant

Grey pants and a white shirt is a deadly formal wear combination that one must never miss. Grey pants are another classic element of outfit that suits well for all formal occasions radiating stylish and sophisticated professionalism. Why is style boring when you can slay your formal wear by combining white shirts with grey pants? 

6. Beige pant

White shirts and beige pants are a perfect choice for semi-casual outfit wear. You can style it well to make it professionally stunning and sophisticated or convert it into a quick casual wear outfit for your classy day outs. A versatile combination to fit into all your requirements and help you get the best out of all your outfits. 


Now that we have discussed the different combinations of pants for white shirts, get dressed in the best way to carry forward your sophisticated style and presume the fashionista in you. Portfolio brings you the best of men’s wear outfits that will help you get back in style with your regular formal wear.