Which Colour Tie suits with a White Shirt?

Which Colour Tie suits with a White Shirt

Tie – a three-letter word important to humanity, a tie is the most classy and essential formal accessory to elevate your look and formalise your complete outfit in different ways. As much as we know how crucial ties are, we often tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right tie for our outfits. One of the classiest formal wear shirts has to be a plain white sober shirt for everyday formal wear. Now how do you use your tie to accessorise and elevate the look of your regular formal wear? Here’s how – we will share a few tips to help you choose the best tie for your plain white shirt outfit to add class to your regular wear. Let’s get started with the information: 

Tips for choosing the right tie for your white shirt    


In order to use this hack, you will have to find a proper colour wheel that will help you take reference for the same. While choosing the right tie for your white shirt, get your hands on a complimentary colour tie that will look like a statement masterpiece on your regular wear. This trick always works. White colour is a simple warm tone, so merge it with something bright and warm that can complement the dullness and monotony of a white shirt. The probable examples of complimentary colours with white are: the best combination is different shades of blue, and definitely royal blue is a winner in this combination. 


If you want to play safe and be the classy, mysterious man in your office, choose a similar shade of tie. A matching colour tie will sync better with your outfit because you will wear it for a formal event if you are looking for a safer option and want to avoid experimenting with different quirky colours and different patterns. You can opt for a few subtle combinations: Grey, cream, off-white, etc. 


One must always remember that the tie is for formal wear and cannot have substantial tacky motifs that will hinder the professionalism of the formal wear. You can go ahead with the basic textures and colours that will add to your formal professional look but make sure you abide by the norms of sophistication of regular formal wear. 


Contrast is another element you can focus on to get your hands on the best tie-shirt combination. You can be a trendsetter and choose something precarious, and with the right amount of confidence, you will be able to carry it yourself. Contrasting colours will help you choose something quirky and fun-loving, so make sure the space where you are going to wear this is semi-formal or casual. This is a very classy way of reiterating the accessories and channelling them to lubricate the traditional monotony. Contrasting can include colours you might not have seen before, like hot red/magenta or a bright yellow. 


Patterns constitute a significant part of the entire tie-choosing process. One must never forget that you can choose a tie based on what exactly you are looking for. In case you are up for experimentation and want to try out different quirky designs, there are a lot available for you to choose from, like the minion motif and many more. However, textures and strips are your go-to elements if you want to select a basic and classy one.


Now that we have discussed different types of ties and how to get your hands on the best tie for your formal outfit, get set ready with your classy formal wear. Portfolio brings you the best of relations, so you never have to ask Which Colour tie suits a white Shirt.