Which Colour Pant suits with a Black Shirt?

pant with black shirt

Black shirts are a classic piece of apparel that is a must-have for every men’s wardrobe. Black shirts are dynamic and go well with everything uplifting all outfits you combine. If we had to choose the only shirt we could wear for a lifetime, we would have preferred a black shirt over any other form of clothing. One can never go wrong in a classy and sophisticated black shirt. But what matters is how you style your black shirt to get the best out of your outfit. Let’s talk about how to style your black shirt. 

7 bottoms to style your black shirt

1. Trouser pants

Trouser pants are a perfect combination of style and comfort. When you club a simple black shirt with pastel or earthy colour trousers, then bang! You have successfully put on fantastic formal attire that holds comfort and style simultaneously. You might wonder which colour pants suit a black shirt. Here are the colours that go well with black shirts: Grey, cream, or any other pastel colour trousers are always a win-win situation. A black shirt and grey pants are the best combinations ever. 

2. Denim Jeans

We all know denim jeans as our favourite casual as they are never out of fashion and always give a laid back look with a hint of class. You will not have to worry about a black shirt and matching pants when you go for denim jeans. Denim jeans are a definite wardrobe essential and, combined with black shirts, is a classic casual wear outfit that never disappoints. 

3. Casual shorts

When you are on a corporate vacation or looking for semi-casual attire, black shirts and shots are your game. The classic black shirt with beige, salmon pink or blue shorts is one of the best black shirt-matching combinations to go for. Look vibrant and stylish even in your Formal attire by combining a black shirt with casual shorts. 

4. Pyjama

Pyjamas are the most comfortable and relaxed outfit element that works wonders if you are looking for an outfit that helps your body breathe. Black shirts are dynamic to the extent that they can also make you slay the PJs. Why go for boring outfits when you can be an element of a funky style statement with pyjamas and a classic black shirt? This is hands down one of the best black shirt outfits for men. 

5. Cargo pants

Cargo pants have been back in fashion since the 1990s; ever since then, they have been one of the most functional pants of all time. This is one of the reasons why people have started bringing the multifunctional, stunning cargo pants back to life. Black shirts and cargo pants are the perfect combinations for functional casual wear.   

6. Chinos

Chinos are the most preferred formal shirt-pant combination out of the lot. These kinds of bottoms have become a prevailing choice for men worldwide to make formal wear stylish and chic at the same time. Chinos can be worn in different ways and combinations to bring out the authenticity of a black shirt. 

7. Capri

Capri is nothing but an extended version of shorts. You can also call it a 3/4th pant that goes well with T-shirts and shirts. Capri might look like an old fashion element of design for men’s fashion but guess what? You are absolutely mistaken. Even celebrities have started opting for comforting capris that set the summer vibes flowing with their authentic, functional design. Light colour capris with black shirts are the best black shirt-pant combination one may ask for. Why go for mediocre when you can start a style statement by choosing Capri? 


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