What colour shirt goes with grey pants?

shirt with grey pant

People perceive grey as a dull colour, or they don’t prefer it at all. But do you know that grey colour is worn by many people? Of course, it is an excellent colour for men when coming to pants. They can wear grey pants for either formal or casual wear. They prefer grey pants during casual weekends, standard functions, interviews, etc. For example, they can grey on a beach with a printed light blue coloured shirt which is perfect everyday wear during summer time. A light blue coloured printed shirt is best during summertime as bright colours go well with the summer season. 

Which colour shirts can go with grey pants?

You might be wondering what colour shirt goes with grey pants. Well, the incredible thing is that shirts of many colours such as black, grey, etc. can be worn with grey pants, which help in giving a stylish look. 

1. Black shirt with grey pants

The combination of grey and black goes for either formal or casual occasions. A pair of grey pants, a black crew neck t-shirt, and sneakers give you a bright casual look. You can wear a black silk shirt with light grey pants for office purposes. Therefore, the combination of a black shirt and grey pants gives a classy look for men on either formal or casual occasions.

2. White shirt with grey pants 

White shirts are the best to wear with either dark or light grey pants. These shirts, irrespective of having turtlenecks or crisp button-downs, fit well with grey pants. The speciality of white shirts is that they can go with either lighter or darker shades of grey pants. 

3. Navy blue shirt with grey pants:

A combination of navy blue shirts and dark grey pants gives a stylish look for men. In addition, they can also wear brown coloured shoes that make them look and feel fantastic.

4. Combination of a light blue shirt with grey pants:

Light blue shirts with light grey pants are perfect casual wear for sunny days. You can also wear these pants with light blue button-down shirts, dark-coloured ties and long overcoats for perfect business attire in winter. 

5. Pink shirt with grey pants:

Generally, people perceive that pink colour looks good only on ladies. But even men can look good in pink. Pink shirts with lighter grey pants are the best summer wear for men. They can look more impressive and approachable with this attire. 

6. Army green shirts with grey pants:

Men can look stylish with a combination of army green colour shirts and grey pants. They can use this combination for either formal or casual wear. Men wearing grey pants and army-coloured shirts will not look good but also look elegant. 

7. Grey pants with burgundy shirts:

Can men wear burgundy shirts with grey pants? Of course, they can, as burgundy colour goes well with grey. Men wearing a burgundy shirt with grey pants can wear it for either formal or casual purposes. They can look sophisticated and inspire others to dress well. 

8. Grey pants with maroon shirts:

Grey pants with maroon shirts can be perfect for casual or formal wear. Grey pants go well with maroon shirts. Men look smart and dashing with maroon shirts and grey pants. 

9. Grey pants with green shirts:

Grey is a tonal shade, whereas green is an excellent colour that works well with grey. A pair of dark or light grey trousers can go well with either light or dark green shirts. Men can wear a combination of grey pants and green shirts for business or casual purposes. 


Men should know which colour goes well with grey pants so they can dress up impressively. They should wear grey pants with the best-suited colours depending on the purpose. In addition, when they wear grey pants with colours that go well with them, they create a good impression of themselves. Portfolio provides excellent qualities of clothes for men.