Western clothes vs ethnic clothes

Western clothes vs ethnic clothes

A question that excites all fashion enthusiasts is finally here, which type is better western or traditional/ethnic wear? Most of you would choose western if you are familiar with the stylish trending exclusives, but the ones who know what comfort and belongingness feel like would no doubt choose ethnic wear. Choosing between the two is always challenging as they have their own charm. Western clothing is mainly integrated into our daily life by restrictions or imposed rules like office dress codes or bar dress codes. This imposition has slowly become a part of our lives, shaping the best of it into our lifestyles. However, ethnic wear has always been associated with elaborate festive or wedding wear. People often tend to forget how comfortable and soothing traditional Indian garments can be. Whatever you choose, both these types have their own precious goodness. Let’s discuss this in detail in order to help you choose your favourite style.   

Importance of Western wear:

Western wear has become a professional compulsion for formal wear in the country. It is also an essential variant of style and fashion to replicate the trending outfits globally. Western wear is also often associated with stylish and modern making it a must-have pioneer of clothing in your wardrobe. Western wear makes you look elegant, trendy and fashionable in your outfit. Western clothes are also very easy to maintain and a highly collaborative solution to an effective clothing line.

Importance of Ethnic wear:

One of the biggest reasons why ethnic wear is extremely important is to hold on to the culture and tradition of one’s own community. Traditional attire will give you a sense of belongingness towards the community and will keep you intact to your culture. However, unlike the popular belief system that ethnic wear is only for very valuable occasions and festivals, ethnic wear can be surprisingly more straightforward and more comfortable than western clothes.  

Transformation in ethnic clothes:

Ethnic wear from traditional form has effortlessly transformed into a regular classy outfit in the past decade. Traditional attire has become a dynamic type of attribute that gels well with a detailed royal look for functions and festivals and a simple chic look as an everyday casual look. Ethnic wear was once upon a time looked down upon, but now it is embraced by open hearts. People have grown to realize that the best way to accept your culture and traditions is through your clothes. 

The increasing popularity of ethnic wear:

It is safe to say that unlike the compulsion of western outfits, traditional ethnic attire has become a trend, a talk of the town that will directly act on the entitlement of acute honesty and belongingness of one’s own country and community. Even when we talk about the fashion industry, ethnic wear collections for all occasions have been trending and prevailing in their collections. Ethnic wear has become a clear choice for the new generation as they take pride in their art, traditional costumes, culture and traditions. People who are confident and slay ethnic wear are inspiring everybody around them to take pride in the culture of India. 

Our clothing is the only way we can keep our history intact and symbolize our country’s art and culture. Clothes are a way of self-expressing and taking pride in. Whatever you choose, whether it is western or ethnic wear, it must be a way of expressing your personality and your ideology. Portfolio brings you a collection of men’s clothing, both western and traditional wear, that perfectly complement your personality and pave the way to effectively scrutinize your way of expressing yourself.