The art of layering in men’s ethnic wear

The art of layering in men’s ethnic wear

 Men’s fashion is elaborate and exclusive, but only a few people know how to utilise the potential of a man’s garment. Do you agree? Don’t worry. We are here to solve all your clothing-related problems. India is a country with an abundance of festivals where ethnic wear becomes a compulsion in your wardrobe. However, ethnic wear can be a massive investment as the line of cultural clothing results from intricate embroidery and elegant design that takes a lot of time and hard work. So what can solve the problem? Here’s what can save men from this issue – Layering. 

Layering is a magical innovation by the fashion industry that helps you look fashionable by just merely changing a few accessories here and there. It is an effortlessly stylish way to make the most out of the outfit. Many designers and stylists use this layering way to deal with new fashion and make a statement in the crowd. The only thing you need to remember is to analyse your outfit carefully, understand your requirements and have a bunch of handy pieces for layering. Here is a list of things you need: 

  • Overcoat- A modi coat or a Nehru jacket can be a subsequently good element for layering ethnic wear. 
  • Shawl- A shawl with chikankari or a velvet shawl will most definitely add grace and class to your outfit. 
  • Hat- If you are looking for an indo-western twist, then a black cowboy hat or a pagadi will work well for you. 

Let us now discuss a few tips that will help you do layering better. 

Tips for layering in Ethnic wear:

Choose your layering elements wisely:

You might have enormous pieces and accessories of your choice, but there must be the best piece that goes well with a specific traditional outfit. Thus you must tentatively choose the best combination for layering that will work in your favour. For example, a black overcoat will look elegant on a light-coloured kurta, but a hat might not go well with a detailed designer sherwani. Reading your room and setting a mood for your outfit will effortlessly save you from trouble. 

The last layer should complement the inner layers:

Layering is no science but an art of making choices and preferences to look fashionable and stylish. Make sure everything in your outfit compliments everything, from the colours to the patterns. For example, A chikankari kurta might look better with a zardozi work overcoat but might go well with velvet. 

Use bright colours:

One of the most incredible things about layering is that you can cover up your misjudgment of layering by choosing bright colours for your outfit. Subtle shades can showcase misfits very evidently, whereas bright colours have the advantage of subduing all these style mistakes. That’s it, and this easy magic trick will make your outfit ten times better.  

Functionality is important:

One of the biggest reasons behind layering is its functionality purpose. The layering factor helps with keeping things right, stalking and storage, as well as style. Thus, layering needs to be comfortable, fashionable and stylish to look and practical to wear as well. The pockets need to be long and elaborate and serve their purpose. 

This brings us to the end of the spirited discussion about layering ethnic wear and making it ten times better. An intelligent way to deal with an ethnic outfit and make it top-notch. Portfolio brings an exclusive men’s ethnic wear collection that will make you effortlessly slay your traditional outfit in confidence. Now ditch the mediocre and opt for classy designer traditions from the best men’s wear shop in Hyderabad.