Must have shirts for men’s wardrobe:

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Shirts serve as an integral part of men’s wear fashion, and a lot of shirt varieties go unfocused when it comes to styling. Fashion today has extended the terrains of Men’s wear, bringing variations of different style statements of shirts that create the aura of style. Other styles come with varying configurations of occasional wearability that will bring out the best in the occasion. There are a few trending shirts that are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. We are here to give you that golden list of Must have shirts for men’s wardrobe. Let’s get started. 

List of must-have shirts:

  1. Formal shirt: 

It would be best if you had a pair of formal shirts for professional attire for a formal occasion. Many corporate offices have a professional dress code making formal shirts a wardrobe mandate. However other formal events like weddings and funerals also need a professional dress code to cater to prevalent dark colours or shades of the plain blue formal shirt. 

  1. Button-down shirt:

A simple button-down shirt is a perfect delicacy back from the classics that will give you the best look of all times when paired with complementary jeans/pants. A definite must-have classic. 

  1. Flannel shirt:

A flannel shirt is a checks and balances oriented casual wear shirt usually worn for daytime hangouts or movie nights. These shirts always stay fashionable, giving you the advantage of continuously following trends. 

  1. Polo shirt:

Polo shirts give you a classy sophisticated outlook that helps create dynamic cooperation of both formal as well as casual attire. The shirt is technically used as a costume for playing the game of the riches – Golf. However, with time polo shirts have become a statement of sophistication in the Men’s fashion industry.  

  1. Denim shirt: 

Denim shirts are casual attires soothing the innate stylish twist to mediocre fashion. Denim shirts serve the best fashion statement that is affordable and surreal in its very element giving the effortlessly exuberant look. 

  1. Linen shirt: 

Linen shirts are lightweight, subtle, simple and minimalistic and give the best look for a cool day outing or a sweet picnic. Summers call for light-on-skin linen shirts that will slip through your body and give you a lively vibe. 

  1. Mandarin collar shirt:

Chinese collar or mandarin collar is the new normal in men’s fashion and the classic statement industry. It helps sharpen your neck and shoulders with the small upliftment of the collar. This kind of shirt has been worn in ancient Asian culture, mainly in China, with a Men’s wear body tunic. Today after revolutionising essential men’s fashion, Chinese collars have emerged as a highly fashionable outlook to the world.  

  1. Corduroy shirt: 

A thick fabric with parallel lines of textured fabric raised into lines to give it a modern chic look. These shirts are best worn during winter as either a single piece or a combined genre of overcoat on a plain T-shirt. These shirts are definitely trending right now and must be a part of your wardrobe.  

  1. Printed shirt: 

Printed shirts, especially with motifs, are just the fresh breeze you need on a gloomy day. These are best served in summer as a beach look or a fun picnic party look while radiating warm enthusiasm and calm foresees. A summer season must-have for sure.  

  1. Oversized shirt:

Oversized shirts have travelled from the Asian terrains to the world while simultaneously looking elegant, classy, yet sophisticated and effortful. Oversized shirts are a cute gesture and will give you the chocolate boy vibes and make you look super cute. A memorable outfit for a calm boy attitude, the oversized shirt is a definite must-have in your wardrobe.

Now that we have discussed all the different types of shirts that are highly mandatory for men’s wear, it’s time to dive into the ocean of men’s fashion and get yourself the best quality, stylish and affordable apparel that will suit your taste. Portfolio brings you supreme quality fashionable clothing for your men’s wear standards.