How to mix and match different ethnic wear pieces for a unique look

How to mix and match different ethnic wear pieces for a unique look

Ethnic wear for men is a statement that makes every man look extraordinarily polished and sophisticated. Finding a piece of ethnic wear is easy, but finding the right part of art in ethnic wear is definitely painful, especially if you do not have an idea about the prevailing trends and how to utilise or mix and match the ethnic wear to create an indo-western fusion of your old ethnic clothes. The mix-and-match technique is the easiest way to slay your outfit effortlessly without having to purchase new clothes all the time. So how exactly can you master the art of mix and match? Don’t worry. We have got this covered for you. Choose the best of your ethnic collection and hold your excitement:

Tips to Mix And Match Your Ethnic Wear

Step up your footwear game:

One of the first things anybody observes in a person is their shoes; thus, keeping up with trendy footwear games has become a mandate when we talk about mix and match or fashion in general. So what exactly is trending today? The most classy and elegant fusion mix and the game remains wearing casual shoes on ethnic wear. For example, pairing sherwani with tacky casual shoes will bring the best out of your outfit and give you a perfect Indo-western look.


We have already shared different ways to accessorise your ethnic wear in the best possible way. [LINK TO A PRIOR WRITTEN BLOG – 2 WAYS TO ACCESSORISE YOUR ETHNIC WEAR] 

Understanding fabric play: 

Another critical factor determining your mix-and-match technique learning is getting through the basic fabric idea. One must always know what makes a fabric good to pair and which material it can be paired with. All fabrics don’t go well with all. For example, you cannot wear a shimmering kurta with block-printed pyjamas. Therefore keep in mind the bold and subtle rule. When you choose a pair to mix and match, always take one bold and another subtle or both reaching to make the best out of it. Still, trying to understand? Don’t worry. We will help you by discussing the combinations that will help you get a clearer picture. 

Unique combinations that go well together:

 Combinations that go well together are: 

  • Velvet shawl with the shimmering sherwani 
  • Funky sneakers with pastel or subtle monochrome kurta pyjama
  • Jodhpuri jacket with cotton kurta – both contrast or matching
  • Bandh gala jacket with a simple kurta
  • Multicolour Printed Jacket with a light-tone shirt
  • Kholapuris paired with a shirt and jacket  
  • Pagadi that matches either with the outfit or gives a funky contrast look 
  • Go for opposite colours if you are ready to experiment around 
  • Kutchi work jackets with chikankari kurta 
  • Pathani kurta with trending pants or jeans that go well
  • Dhoti style bottoms with any designer kurta will look classy royal 

These mix-and-match combinations go well together and help make the most out of your ethnic wear. Ethnic wear for men is now effortlessly easy to deal with as soon as you understand the simple technique and the art of mix and match. However, styling and dressing up is a personal statement of expression and a game of choices one makes. Therefore, you can take this blog as an assistance for your styling but not the profound set of strict rules to follow. 

This brings us to the end of this discussion as we have discussed tips to mix and match your ethnic wear effortlessly. However, in order to level up your mix-and-match game, you must also have premium quality, beautifully designed ethnic wear that gives you the best possible look. Portfolio brings you the best collection of ethnic wear for men in the city.