How to choose the suitable ethnic wear for your body type

How to choose the suitable ethnic wear for your body type

Wearing ethnic attire and slaying is something everybody wants, but not all know how to carry your ethnic wear effortlessly. People choose the perfect outfit but must remember that the design should complete their bodies. Even the most beautiful designs must be curated according to the body type and worn to bring out the best of ethnic wear. You might have chosen a trending pattern or the best design from the lot and still need more. Your pattern may not suit your body type. However, choosing the right outfit for the right body type is complex and only some people’s game, or maybe it is. Don’t worry. We are here to make these choices accessible for you to understand and comprehend. So let’s start the game to choose the right fit. 

Tips for choosing the proper ethnic wear for your body:                                                                                                                                       

Oval Body Shape:

If your body type is oval, the best choice is drapes and a comfortable pair of kurta pyjamas. You can customise drapes for the areas you are most concerned about or choose a loose outfit to give your body space to breathe. Going ahead with the perfect fit might be good for you if you want to flaunt your curves, but if you want to look perfect and sleek, choose to give in a little room in your outfit to breathe. That’s it right there will help you get your ideal match.

Rectangle Body Shape:

Rectangle body type men are lucky as it’s easy to find your fit in any design you like. The best tip for you is to choose the perfect fit for you that channels your body and enhances your framework. This way, you will effortlessly look good with your ethnic wear. 

Triangle Body Shape:

The best fit for a triangle body shape is to opt for a padded kurta or sherwani that will give your shoulders a broad look and enhance your overall attire. This way, your body will symmetrically align and make you look perfect for the occasion. Tada, this solves your problem of choosing the best ethnic wear for yourself. 

Trapezoid Body Shape:

The Trapezoid body type is a framework where everything looks good. Everything goes well with your body, from elaborate design patterns to simple, elegant classic kurtas. However, choose the outfits that compliment your personality and make it look attractive.  

Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

An inverted triangle body needs an exact opposite attire to a triangular body, just like the name suggests. Stay away from padded shoulders as the thai body type already has enhanced broad shoulders. Go for something that fits you right and doesn’t look loose, or you might end up looking overweight. Customise your outfit according to your size for a better look. 

This brings us to the end of today’s discussion on choosing the best outfit for your body type. However, with the emerging understanding and awareness about body positivity, conveying knowledge and wearing clothes that adhere to your body type has become unnecessary. Today, the world has grown to understand that all body types look fabulous in all kinds of patterns and can effortlessly slay all attires. So rather than focusing on your specific body type and analysing your perfect fit, build up your confidence and make sure you choose an ideal outfit partner for your attire. Portfolio brings you various ethnic wear with intricate design and beautiful patterns that perfectly caters to style and preferences. What are you waiting for? Grab your favourite traditional wear from the best Men’s wear shop in Hyderabad. Your best outfit is yet to come!