How to Choose Formal Shirts and Pants?

how to choose formal shirts and pants

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” – Miuccia Prada

Formals don’t just mean a type of clothing, rather they intend to be an expression of personality. In this blog, we shall see how to choose formal shirts and pants for every occasion that demands formal attire. 

Before we cover the different events and scenarios which require formal attire, let us check out some of the essentials while choosing formal clothing.

Essentials while choosing formal shirts and pants

1. Correct measurement and fit

While buying readymade clothing, it is critical to check the size charts, and do not hesitate to use the measuring tape in case you don’t know your clothing sizes. When it comes to fitting while selecting formal clothes, opting for a regular fit is a better idea instead of slim fits which are common for semi-formals and casuals.

2. Colours and patterns

In formal settings, it makes sense to stick to solid colours and avoid any cranky designs on the clothing. In a few situations, subtle stripes can be used for shirts in a less formal environment like official parties. Checked patterns and gaudy colours should be avoided in formal settings.

3. Collars, cuffs and pockets

Within shirts, straight point collars make even a first-timer look confident and when it comes to cuffs, they are one of the most overlooked aspects of shirts during purchase. A long and foldable French cuff is recommended for a sharp look. When it comes to pockets, a single pocket without a flap is best to complete a crisp look. For trousers, it is best not to add too many pockets, so that you can avoid looking bulky with many filled-in pockets. Simply put, minimalism works in formal environments.

Places or Events where you should wear Formals

After knowing some of the basic choices in formal wear, it is essential to understand the scenario for which formal attire is called. Formal wear is generally used for business meetings, interviews to make the best first impression, formal parties and sometimes even at a few Western weddings and funerals.

1. For job interviews

At interviews, it is best to choose a neatly ironed white formal full-sleeved shirt with a solid red or black tie, to give a good first impression to your potential boss. Generally, black or navy blue trousers go well with a white formal shirt. A plain solid colour like white indicates a sober and stoic personality, which bodes well with the business environment of an office.

Such formal wear at offices helps the wearer to make a clear distinction between a birthday party at home and a serious business meeting with his colleagues. Thus, formal wear help in defining the company’s culture and identity. 

2. For business meetings

The confidence of the speaker and the listener is going to take up paramount importance when it comes to business meetings. People gain confidence to be in their element when they wear formal clothing. Black single-breasted jackets paired with solid black pants can never let any businessman down during such formal meetings. The intent of the meeting is clearly defined with such attire. Making quirky colour choices in such a scenario is never an option.

3. For official parties

Networking will be the goal of most official parties and you need to dress to impress. But, dressing up for formal parties need not be so stringent as business meetings. Some of the earthy colour combinations of olive and brown or a combination of pink and navy blue will work well. Subtly striped shirts and waistcoats add confidence to expand your professional network.


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