Ethnic Wear for Dressing professionally

Ethnic Wear for Dressing professionally

Professional formal attire is almost opposite to ethnic wear in India. However, with time the line between sharp formal attire and fun ethnic dressing has blurred, given the cultural dynamics of the country. India stands for the rich culture and heritage of clothing we have for ethnic wear. We also have diversity in design, embroidery and manufacturing. With the exuberant variety of choices in traditional wear, it usually becomes difficult to opt for the right ethnic clothes for office wear. Ethnic wear is not always detailed and grand with intricate embroidery, traditional attire comes in different forms and variations. Here is how you can choose suitable ethnic wear for the office. 

Tips for choosing suitable ethnic wear for the office:


The most important tip is to choose the right colours. You cannot go for bright, popping colours for office wear as they do not give the professional vibe that offices require. A blinking black or magenta red will provide a festive or wedding vibe, which will break the seriousness of the professional space. Choose pastel shades or subtle tones to look classy and professional at the same time. The best colours would be peach, sky blue, white and green. 


A subtle minimalistic design on your ethnic wear like chikankari would be perfect for work but do not choose anything that is grand and intricate. Opting for traditional shimmering methods and different style cuts will make you look too suitable for the occasion, which is different from what we want. Switching to minimalistic designs like buttons or tiny tassels will work well for the office look. 


The most crucial factor while choosing traditional office wear is to find comfort in your clothes. One of the reasons why people choose to wear ethnic at the workspace is because it’s comfortable and lets the body breathe, unlike the tight formal wear that is expected to be work friendly. Choose the right fit, not too tight or loose, to fit the ethnic wear into the right place.  


A kurta with long pockets and buttons for functionality will work wonders for the workspace. It would be best if you kept in mind that the clothing for work must have a functional purpose, and having so will make it a perfect all-rounder outfit. 


As mentioned above, choosing a piece of suitable fabric for a minimalistic look is the perfect workplace attire. Do not go for velvet, satin or organza. Instead, opt for decent fabrics like cotton and khadi. This way, you are in a win-win situation with beautiful attire, minimalistic and comfortable. 

Why is dressing Indian in the office a better choice: 

  • Comfortable and easy to work in. 
  • Brings out a perfect sharp look. 
  • It keeps you rooted in your origin. 
  • It gives your body space to breathe. 
  • It comes with multifunctional properties. 
  • It makes you stand out and showcase your personality the right way. 
  • It helps you ditch the unnecessary norms of western culture and create new standards of individuality. 
  • Setting new standards of office wear by being a style statement in comfortable ethnic wear. 
  • Opting for Indian will help you support the local brands of India, making you a pioneer of inspiration. 

This brings us to the end of this article as we have discussed choosing suitable ethnic wear for the office. Offices are finally ditching western practices and switching to Indian roots of culture and tradition. Be yourself, choose the right clothes that make you feel comfortable and happy and express yourself the right way. The portfolio comes with a Men’s Wear collection that will help you find your perfect outfit.