5 ways to style a traditional kurta for a modern look

5 ways to style a traditional kurta for a modern look

Festivals are around the corner and this festival season calls for a traditional kurta makeover for men. With a variety of options to choose from men can play around with their wardrobe to create magic with already purchased kurta sets. This way you can look classy without having to spend big bucks on the same. However, Indian celebrations are incomplete without a festive outfit. The classic kurta pyjama is the ideal and evergreen attire for men this season — it’s elegant, chic, and flattering on men of all ages. The first impression is the last impression, let your fashionable kurta pyjama speak for you this season. Here are some pointers on how to make your basic kurta pyjama look a little more stylish and fresh. Let’s get started with the tips to make your old kurta look brand new. 

Traditional kurta styling tips for men: 

The colour exchange game: 

One of the best tips is to mix-match colours. The risk of choosing the right colour combination is an add on to style the kurta in a modern twist. All you have to do is pick 2 sets of kurtas that go well if you exchange their elements with one another. This way you get the different colour, texture, design and vibrantly new modern kurta. It is alway a good idea to use colour combinations that would complement your skin tone. Let the colours express your individual style. The most basic colour combinations can often make your outfit stand out exceptionally well.

Add in an element:

To your simple kurta add an element of style or an accessory to uplift the entire look. For example: A jacket or drape to your kurta pyjama will make it more interesting and stylish. In case your kurta pyjama is of a solid colour, pair it with a printed or embellished jacket to add interest and highlight the detailing of the kurta. In your wardrobe, you can experiment with everything from fabric to embroidery. Choose a style that complements each other, like go for a red velvet shawl with your black monochrome kurta pyjama and that’s it right there has made a classy outfit turn into a royal ethnic wear. To make the festive wear code unique, invest in an embroidered collar, self-textured rich fabrics, geometric patterns, and pastels shades that add a twist to an ordinary outfit. Your style will be expressed through your choice of detail.

Play around with the length: 

You can take a major risk of cutting out a long kurta into a short or medium length kurta. Similarly go on to add an extra fabric to the short or mid length kurta, you can also attach a lace and give it an elegant look. A short sleeve can be changed to a long one by attaching a lace and a long sleeve can be changed to a short one by simply cutting it out. Tada! You now have a brand new kurta without having to invest a lot of money into the same. Another styling tip is that short kurtas go well with patiala or harem pants, while long kurtas look great with churidar. With a modern twist, all traditional outfits look stunning. 

Add-on accessories:

To bring out the best in your kurta, use fashionable pins, pocket squares, and brooches. Elegant gemstone accessories are also popular. Bandi jackets with intricate embroidery are another excellent option. As the weather cools, a shawl can be a great addition to your kurta pyjama ensemble. You can go ahead and style your kurtas with a belt, a chain/necklace that complements the kurta or a headband [pagdi]. These accessories will take your attire to another level of fashion. 

Bottoms up:

One must always remember that the first impression is made with the right bottoms, and by bottoms we mean footwear. Choose the right footwear according to your preferences and play around with the style. Go for colourful sneakers, mojadis or jodhpuris for the best of looks. The right footwear gives the right impression and makes the outfit complete. Choose unique, classy & smart. 

Now that we have got you covered for the festive season, get ready and flaunt your style the right way. Portfolio has the best collection for men’s wear in Hyderabad. Choose the best and walk with confidence with the best outfit on.